FSA borrower and participant in the sugar cane cooperative, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico (LOC)

sugar glider

FSA borrower and participant in the sugar cane cooperative, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico (LOC)

@BibiDAlAteeqi marait sugar & spice.. Yibt shay 7adaaa chocoo – by DinaAlOmani (Dina Al Omani)

@olaie98 Get on my payroll. We spend money on people. No Sex Sugar Daddy. – by 1godisreal (Market Professional)

I'm having a Frog and Toad problem with these sugar cookies. – by jssl (Jessica Leis)

実は、以前買った鬼束さんのアルバム『This Armor』『Sugar High』はまだ一度も聴いていない。鬼束さんの曲って、一気に聴くのが勿体ない気がするんだよなあ……。 – by Akinobu_E (Akinobu)

have figured out that my neighbors next door are survivalist …(so no reason they cant lend me a cup of sugar or an Uzi right) – by the_newtt ( Newtt)

okay,last sugar rush. #shineemaketwitter ermm…105? – by adrienneyim (adrienne yim)

Hey whats going on here without me RT @_itzJASSY: Lmfao –> RT @TheQnBee: @_itzJASSY Morning Sugar Tits! – by _Pee_Wee_ (PeeWee)

Production is underway on SUGAR BABES 2-2, "I'm An Ardent Lover, But An Ineffectual One" w/guest star Phaylen! – by grouchobeer (MATTHEW HAHN)

@babymakingfiles oops!! LR having a sugar high :)by FBishWife (FBishWife)

@TheJordaneers Lol. It's because all that sugar doesn't sit in ur mouth for a long time. – by KendallMarieSC (Kendall)

You are Gods masterpiece of sugar-coated palatableness that illuminates an essence of Cleopatra beauty that puts me in a state of love – by 1Demola (Awonusi Ademola M.)

@sugar310twi フォローをアレしてもらいましてありがとうございますよろしくおねがいします! – by kosakeeeeeee (こさけろ)

#DirtyTweet RT @iloveMKEbucks: Just sugar scrubbed my entire body. Omg. Heaven!! – by SoCalMindSet (G Vizzy)

Farm Security Administration borrower cultivating his sugar cane field, vicinity of Frederiksted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands. He lives in one of the homestead houses (LOC)

Ruins of an old sugar mill and plantation house, vicinity of Christiansted, Saint Croix, Virgin Islands (LOC)
Corrections from the last week.: In the Dec. 9 "Movies," Dana Stevens wrote that Dicky Eklund defeated Sugar Ray… TEW_RSS (Trey Wheatley)

@sugar_kaz 増えとるがねw罪プラゼロですか・・・僕は何百個あるか分かりません・・・ – by epiphone1968 (Eiji A)

My coworkers put up with me just for the cookies!! Everybody gets a box of real butter and sugar! – by BackroadsMsport (Rebecca N Thorpe)

this Christmas blend S-bux with White Chocolate Raspberry creamer and sugar is really good! – by wesleyanrudy (Jeffrey Rudy)

"Where Audrey was made of sugar and spice and everything nice, Katharine was made of AWESOME." || alexsteed (alexsteed)

Top Holiday Deals Sugar-Free Natural Candy Canes – 3 pack Christmas Gift Deals Sale: Compare Price… blogge_rs (

RT @SCFunRuns: Luminaries will be sold at packet pickup tomorrow. They are .00 a set All proceeds go to local charities. Let's light up Sugar Creek! – by InSiteCRE (InSite Real Estate)

@piersmorgan Would that peer be Lord Sugar by any chance? #FF @piersmorganby tzankoff (Tony Tzankoff)

RT @djsef: so lord sugar is tweeting Paris Hilton n Kim Kard telling them not to follow Piers loooool< LOOL – by mrexposed (Keith)

Exactamente :3 RT @Agnelloficial: Andreamode_on sigo conteniendo altos niveles de azúcar, sugar :3 – by Andreamode_on (Andrea Garrido)

@taeyeonmole @cz123sone @_rlaxodus rofl whut crazy.. hahaha.. salt? its sugar.. – by Yunie108 (Yunie OTL Creeper)

RT @SCFunRuns: Check out page 4 of the Greenville Journal on Sugar Creek Fun Runs! Thx @gvillejournal ! – by InSiteCRE (InSite Real Estate)

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