Girl’s Uniform for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Clearly the woman in blue has never seen a hippie/fairy/Transformer in person before. At least not one going barefoot with her hair braided talking on a Texas Aggie cell phone.

Project 365 #25: 250109 It’s Good to Talk!

@deehumorous harmattan pere and u are complaining? try 20 inches of snow and beyond freezing conditions den talk to me!! – by motifineju (Toyosi)

All this talk @JCyellaboi doin about SnapBack. Man I might have to go home and order me at least one – by BveezyMan (Bryan Valencia)

We were best friends and now we don't even talk. – by Kell_S (Kelly)

Roti sumbu gak kesampean,..Bread Talk aja gw embaatt + segelas hangat Energen tema hari ini yang sehat" lah pokoke… – by NuswantaraSky (Gegana Nuswantara)

RT @benjibrown1: If u go 2 Everest College or kno sumbody that does, find out who I need 2 talk 2 so Kiki can do the tv commercial & enroll. – by IAmSimplyBI (Love, live, & laugh!)

Anybody wants to talk?? – by 3RicKaLady (Pamela Jaime)

@baristaconcelia Hahaha! I want to talk to you about nothing! – by recklessrouge (Haibah Eesha)

@KevinBrooks @joyengel And you call yourselves friends. Pfft! Though I *did* add it to my Netflix queue bc you talk about it so much… – by opheliaswebb (Elisa Doucette)

@MacTalian I been good hun it has been forever. See my lawyer said I can talk to yu again w/o hurtin my case lol – by 0nly_TeTe (Mz. BossDonDuval )

Media Talk podcast: Jay Hunt and Sir Michael Lyons leave the BBC OrangeBezel (Orange Bezel)

@ShortyDip @iamroundone he slick talk crazy but, that's my twittergangsta! – by Eisright518 (erika)

Dont KNo if im ready to talk to an older chick, she might b on another level – by mraveproducer (mrave)

when she got fat all we could talk about was how fat she was. @allconsoffunby picklescoffee (Pickles & Coffee)

Ed and Cynthia – Talk Story Bookstore

Talking Away
@channKAULITZ wow, you think it incredible? my god I think Brazil is well spoken evil out there [OUT OF BRAZIL] or even talk about it! – by th_larissa (Larissa)

@FcrnandoTorres okay I understand that! Talk to you tomorrow! Love you  – by BestofTorres (Emily Ng)

I've never been one to talk for the hell of it. If I tell you something, I mean it. At the end of the day I have my word. – by MsKatPaxton ({Kit}Kat)

Don't talk about WO Town !! Lmffao! RT @PinxDeluxe: #wopd is such a joke – by MLCSTYLZ (Mykel L Charles)

@OMGTeensLove never talk about tumblr, outside tumblr but hey, why don;t you follow me ;P – by xNAMOsays (Namuun Gantumur/namo)

I'm officially done! I don't talk to u for 2 days, n u text me today (gm) in abbreviations. – by AintDatABic (Patrick Harris )

I would talk in iambic pentameter if it were easier. -Howard Nemerov #famousquoteby dulyqwoted (DulyQwoted)

RT @jaclynf What we talk about when we talk about rape & Assange: lynncorinne (Lynn Harris)

talk to them. fish talk, dogs talk, animals talk. i have a small dog shes 7 pounds. bet its smarter than ur dog. and i dont leash her. – by grantpDOTnet (grant p)

Dead ass though I hate girl!!! They talk to fucking much! – by JayeJaye_lomo (☺TiTiL♥la)

@xtinasofli yes they do. Do u need the talk about the birds and the bees? Lol jp – by gspot_911 (Gregory D. Smith Jr.)

ternyata irfan bachdim gak ganteng. real talk loh ini, banyak cowok yang lebih ganteng di Indonesia – by yunisaputri (yunisa putri)

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