The One

Steam Shovel
The One

Fiat Lux
The One

2008 Summer Olympics – Opening Ceremony – Beijing, China 同一个世界 同一个梦想 – U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program – FMWRC
The One

My Blackberry Is Not Working! – The One Ronnie, Preview – BBC One Hilarious! – by vimoh (Vijayendra Mohanty)

To @Dakefe for being the best elder brother one can ever have…its just me n u…and we gonna make mum n dad proud! – by perfectjuly (Akinwole)

RT @Marrvie: Movies almost always have this image for exes!the one you should regret letting go of! This is just wrong – by TheBoghdady (TheBoghdady)

Some authors began with one sentence for the beginning and one for the end followed by an unfolding plot of hundreds of pages in between. – by RabbiGinsburgh (Rabbi Y Ginsburgh)

soo i wanted to delete my twitter but its "a bad business move"..i tried to switch the name so no one can find me but @GodsEagle could..idk – by MikeCoolN (MikeCool Ngene)

one of the top sections from hands down the best bmx video put out, to date. MattyyLong (Matthew Long)

RT @chantikaka: The most beautiful view is the one I share with you – by NadVordulac (Nadeenka Nathania)

When will be the day I get a reply from a Real Madrid player?! Ahh this is killing me! I want one sooo freaking bad! :(by nandocasiIlas (Amy)

#GBAM#RT @shanmokay: Simple madness***RT @OMGwhatateen: The awkward moment when you laugh and no one else doesn't. Bb_MsIncredible (Bibi Olunuga )

Just hit the twelve-hour mark! With one hour to go, looks like we're gonna break all records. – by RevTrainwreck (Caleb Jones)

@jinxbat @Sweetsyren @Oriens_Astrum I AM SO GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO ALWAYS THINKS THAT. – by drown_thecity (Jess)

No one is in the Christmas spirit this year. Every year it gets worse. – by taywestlovesu (Taylor West)

I am just as weird as everyone else but I'm probably one of the few who can admit it – by itsJukeboxx (Aaron Willis)

The Grotto
The One

the one i love♥
The One
lmao! > @FLAWLESSHOTTIE and then @FLAWLESSHOTTIE lands a big wet one on Ur cheeks n u blush lol!!! N I'm talking bout the one on Ur face – by number1producer (The Sandman™)

RT @OMGTeenQuotez: Sometimes all you need is a second chance, because time wasn't ready for the first one. – by lalalaileen (Aileen Meijvogel)

It took only one day of the family being together to get the first person reduced to tears. Christmas has now officially started. Yay! – by lethargicj (Jason Castleman)

Am i the one who keeps you coming back for more? – by iJanela (Janela.)

I swear if I had a dick, Id slap every one of you basic bitches in the face w. it & do a lil wayne laugh – by kLAN_BombAsfuck (Kayelani; Lani)

How many beauty cases/ toiletry cases does one girl need? I could break the record considering down sizing – by bronzedbutterfl (Dylan Murray)

@alanboiiz / To speak of one is to speak also of the other. – by salwahafiz (Salwa Hafiz)

RT @r4today: Polly Toynbee: UK "is one of the most secular countries in the world… yet we have 56 bishops sitting in the House of Lords" #popetftdby kate_butler (KATE BUTLER)

back at casa de Ez after one of the my favorite nights ever at REV ROCK @Jeff6one7 killed it in the mix appreciate everyone who came through – by MiguelEzraVIP (Miguel Ezra Tavarez)

@armondojackson right!? It's been like, 7 months since i put the last one up. Lol idk how I feel about this one though – by _SAMazing (Samantha Sawyer)

Panettone is on the table, but there is another one. Infatti è quello senza canditi. (cit) – by zeropuntodue (Nicola Gallo )

I just took "[Part 1-14*NEW*] You’re a really great & amazing dancer. One day u, and yo…" and got: Part 4 (=! Try it: iamabrat100 (meee)

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