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There's nothing like the best photos from TIME in 2010 to put your developed nation existence into perspective – http://bit.ly/eRNfycby KateKendall (Kate Kendall)

In TIME's Person of the year poll, Assange received 382,000 votes – Mark Zuckerberg received 18,000 – only 20 times less! http://is.gd/iNT1bby ggreenwald (Glenn Greenwald)

.@TIME magazine reviews the Nexus S, calling it "the best all-around Android handset I've tried to date" http://goo.gl/xI9q9by googlenexus (Google Nexus)

Assange Case Files Leaked: What Goes Around Comes Around? http://bit.ly/h5baObby DailyGlobalNews (Daily Global News)

Inside WikiLeaks' Bunker: http://bit.ly/htUIurby coisasdethata (Thais Haddad Marques)

Assange Case Files Leaked: What Goes Around Comes Around? http://bit.ly/h5baObby 0ib (0-i biz)

RT @techland What A Mess: As Yahoo Crumbles, Delicious Will Be Sold – Techland – TIME.com http://bit.ly/fWhg9Oby madamzulu (pamela )

#America Out of #Afghanistan by 2014 http://bit.ly/fE7QEv Not sure what was the objective and what has been achieved??? #kashmirtelegraphby romeetwatt (Romeet K Watt )

Inside Facebook – http://bit.ly/e8cPn3 http://twitpic.com/3hs4wsby agenciaalbum (Agência Álbum)

RT @bugsierer: wahnsinn: One Minute on Facebook – Video – http://bit.ly/fr37nB (via turi2) – by Nils_Gueggi (Nils Güggi)

RT @danutamalavolta: Independente do resultado #vazapaulinho! Nem o estadual te #segura!!! #FRACODEMAIS_2011 é ANO DE BAITA TIME COM BAITA TÉCNICO! #VAIKRONA! – by Kellsimas (Raquel Simas)

Really feeling sorry for Julian..NOT! What goes around smacks you right back in the face… http://tinyurl.com/37rtg3z #wikileaksby beachpig (beachpig)

A good lunch is a good thing. http://bit.ly/gGGyRa+ #nutrition #healthyeatingby lucys_tweets (Lucy Gibney)

25 најдобри блогови според Time.com

Time.com Redesign January 2007
TIME.com: Top Stories – Why Amazon Can't Compete with iTunes http://bit.ly/g5XJ6fby Gatchamank (GatckamanK)

RT @sydneyowen: h/t @allanshoenberg: nearly 2 million actions happen on FB/minute. Still think Facebook isn't relevant for your brand? http://ow.ly/3rIGfby drewhslater (Drew Slater)

Wikileaks founder is now the victim of a leak about his trial: http://bit.ly/id1KYN // How ironic! – by generousmind (generousmind)

TIME.com: Top Stories – Photos: Inside a Facebook Server Farm http://bit.ly/eU3sYlby Gatchamank (GatckamanK)

Facebook pelo mundo http://bit.ly/fR26EPby FredBirchal (Fred Birchal)

reading from @time <i>Black Swan</i>?-?Holiday Movie Preview 2010 http://bit.ly/gp2Sk8 Very interesting! BS itself is mysterious. – by em392004 (ぺこ)

RT @kindesign: …our custom cover project for @wallpapermag is in at number 3 on TIME Magazine’s top ten Magazines for 2010 http://is.gd/iXLmVby conssdance (constance pinheiro)

RT @healthythinker: RT @EileenOBrien TIME magazine – FDA & pharma #socnets. http://bit.ly/dTxFTR #fdasm #socpharm Nice summary of current landscape & challenges – by paulgrant (Paul Grant)

RT @Bookmark_Terry Brilliant Idea: Florida Vending Machine Dispenses Gold http://bit.ly/g6e7SE via @TIMENewsFeed #Toronto #Montrealby Vancouver_RT (Vancouver Retweeter)

RT @chellydovalle: É vasco, tenho orgulho de carregar a cruz de malta no meu peito, é um time com uma história incomparável #viradadoseculo /+/ – by SuperTheLorena (Lorena Martins )

RT @reuterspictures: Some great Reuters images in this Time gallery http://www.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,2037596,00.htmlby LionHeartNo3 (ライオンハートNO.3)

Life Inside Facebook's Headquarters – http://tinyurl.com/2eo94mgby toolinterativa (Tool Interativa)

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