TIME FLIES…………………*

New York Times Square at Night

The Passage of Time

@ZZinsider I was so shocked& turned on at the same time!! She just laid me down& licked me all over! I did make her cum- it tasted so good! – by VeronicaAvluvXX (Veronica Avluv)

Revisit BN-Application Velocity – Optimize user experience any application, any time, on any device! http://bit.ly/hXtsUAby CiscoWAAS (Cisco WAAS)

Full Time, #MUFC Reserves 5 (Morrison 16 & 68, Will Keane 44 & 90+2, Tunnicliffe 72) #NUFC Reserves 1 (Richardson 53) – by mickyshawbles (Mike Shaw)

even after all this time there are bits of twitter i just still don't get… – by goodshoeday (Linda )

RT @ginatrapani: "Mommy, when did people stop using folders & start using tags?" "Well honey, once upon a time there was a web site called del.icio.us …" – by marcopolis (Marco Campana)

Apple, Oracle, Microsoft Acquire Novell Patents Together: And at more or less the same time, Oracle sues Google…. http://bit.ly/dTBkK0by CareerAndBizOps (Martell Thornton)

@lizziep03 i really want to run together some time! – by lchesnutt (lauren c)

…no time to lose! turbo mode pa la razaaaa – by luchis (Luchis)

@DJTJTheKING [Mixtape] Gutta Radio: Time To Eat (Hosted By @1Future) Get It LIVE! http://livemixtap.es/9ws @LiveMixtapes @djKuttThroatby MoneyFollowsMe (MONEY E)

I just tried to leave my house for the first time since the Lee signing and that wasnt a good idea. It's a mess out here. – by CrossingBroad (Kyle Scott)

Thanks @gadling @bootsnall @nowresorts @zipsetgo for a great #TNI! Only 2 left before I'm in Asia & am fast asleep during this time slot :)by legalnomads (Jodi Ettenberg)

GTS #4 I know he loved you
A long time ago
I ain't jealous of you
Just thought you should know – by ThinkSwifty (swift fans.)

Watching Misfits for the 1st time. Oh my god. It's bloody great. I can't believe I've let this pass me buy. – by MarkCharnock_ (Mark Charnock)

Time Has Come! Today!

St. Times Yellow Grocery
Thank you Sonoma Sun for sharing the Santa in the Springs~
And thank you Santa for making time in your busy… http://fb.me/HGlYLxSYby SheanaDavis (Sheana Davis)

20 minutes to office holiday party, at which I am going to attempt not to bite off every one of my nails. Do not have time to be merry… – by egratto (Genie Gratto)

woah Line 3 decked out in an eBay ad… 1st time ive seen every wagon covered like this http://twitpic.com/3gjnqpby LostNCheeseland (Lindsey)

Every time I try to use iPlayer, I get so lost trying to find a programme that I have to close it in anger. No other site does this to me. – by beng (Ben Griffiths)

@DonLinn one strategy at a time, ideally lasting more than one quarter – by brianoleary (Brian O’Leary)

@lucysherriff just do your timings ahead of the day. Time it like a maniac with all food & u will be fine on the day :)by hubmum (hubmum)

Gaga's Meat Dress Tops Time's Fashion Statement List http://bit.ly/eCXZxxby FashionStories (Fashion Week News)

Every1 w/ a Iphone,Itouch,or IPAD!DL 4Free the “RehabTime App”!If u like what @trentshelton tweet,ull LOVE THIS http://tinyurl.com/29wnjymby VOICEOFAWOMAN (Encouraging Women)

Forget nap time, everyone should do sake time then head back to work. Day will go by quicket. http://plixi.com/p/63368212by SoCalChick81 (SoCal Chick)

RT @ginatrapani: "Mommy, when did people stop using folders & start using tags?" "Well honey, once upon a time there was a web site called del.icio.us …" – by Lifehacker (Lifehacker)

qual e o time? WILD CATS. e começa pela milionesima vez High School 3….. – by drispaca (drispaca)

@mjgraves Yea… We gave up on trying for the time being. – by onsip (OnSIP)

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