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We've been in #ToysRUs waaaay too long. Over-crouded & I'm feeling sick. This is why I do my shopping b4 Thanksgiving & avoid the nuts. – by elizabethpruitt (Elizabeth Pruitt)

Saturday before Christmas: Taking the boys to the aquarium…good idea. Stopping by ToysRUs at Hamilton Place…terrible idea. – by mfuson (Michelle Fuson)

Weree @ ToysRus SimplyCorinna (Corinna Alvarez)

My girl just used half her Toysrus gift card from Mimi to buy toys for kids she doesn't know! Way to Be Christmas Autumn!! #proudmommaby dannisuej (Danni-Sue Jackson)

@ toysrus, um yeah, crazy insane. What were we thinking – by jim_beechey (Jim Beechey)

RT @TheOriginalDime: Headed to ToysRUs. Had to bandaid my nipples down in preparation. Can't be scaring the kids, or distracting the dads. – by robux4 (Steve Lhomme)

Been on hold with @Toysrus for an hour ~ called to check to see if they had toy in stock before driving there 40 minutes away…ugghhh – by MichelleRMorton (Michelle Morton)

This weekend has I've spotted Fraiser at ToysRus and Zach Braff at union square. It's fun to see them out of character! – by LauraVogels (Laura Vogels)

@mrsouthunion about to go to toysrusby colormeYELLOW_ (Kim mRz. D.TayloR)

Shop a great selection of Electronics at! Save on cameras, netbooks, and MP3 players! gamesbestdeal (games best deals)

She mocked she said she wud take him toysRusby Mr2Peak (Dami MrPeak)

RT @LCShop: 30% off all Dinosaur Train thru Sunday 12/19 at Toys R Us HaveSippy (Samantha)

My niece, who can't multiply yet, can damn sure walk me through this #ToysRUs website to find her xmas gift…..#GoGirlby SteelMe5 (Lexi Mitchell)

Barbie House

Outside Times Square
Headed to ToysRUs. Had to bandaid my nipples down in preparation. Can't be scaring the kids, or distracting the dads. – by TheOriginalDime (Nikki Sexx)

Thank you @kohls for having toys so I didn't have to suffer through toysrus. – by kristenlonergan (Kristen Lonergan)

In dis crowded ass toysrus wid my sis shopping for my niece…I feel the tension in here…..I smell a NIGGA MOMENT! – by BkTabby2 (Alease R Tabb)

Going to #ToysRUs I haven't been I there in minute – by _iMatt (Matthew Alexander)

@amyrebo Yes, but it was on the list, right? We said the same thing at ToysRUs. – by MargauxNH (Margaux R)

Man its Craaazzzyy in #ToysRus Aha – by ayoooEB (ℰbℴnℯℯ ℬad™Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ)

I don't wanna grow up, i wanna be a toysRUs kid!:bb – by Lissette_14 (Brenda)

falalala, i dont wanna be here, toysrus and bestbuy. fml. ): – by kkimboslicee (erika gee)

@LittlecBeadles u better go to to ToysRUs in times square its def my fave thing to do in NYC, u will absolutely love it(: – by JackiieLovesJB (Jackiiieee)

ToysRUs. Guitar on sale online. Eligible for in store pickup. Guitar in CR IA store. NOT on sale. FAIL – by nicbrat (nicbrat)

Check out the 0 Toysrus gift card 0 if "like" for a chance to win 0.00 Toysrus Gift Card. thejollies (Cindy J)

@toysrus refused a sale to my mother again today. Better yet it was almost 0 in merchandise. – by CoreyHarris (Corey Harris)

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