Installation d’Ex Vandals (URB/Kiasma Helsinki)

2009-05-17 *urb

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A Long Way To Urb

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Seen the nicest jumpsuit on Urbs, me wanty – by amyharding_ (Amy Harding)

Parabéns pro gênio que fez o site da urbs, não dá pra ver porra nenhuma, daí se vc pergunta alguma coisa eles te mandam procurar sozinho – by ronaldbhr (Ronald Rodrigues)

vamos la na urbs depois colocar uma cama aqui na sala e ver um filmim *-* – by Talithenha (Tali)

@BArayAustinTX I wish that were possible; but despite popular opinion, urbs been screwed for so long by "regionalism". – by mdahmus (Mike Dahmus)

@calientestereo. El rio pacairigua a la altura de las urbs! Villa heroica, estancia la margarita, y villas del este esta bastante… – by juniorsanchez25 (junior simon)

Hoje fiquei de cara no Busãoo.. Tocando DC Talk – In the Light na musica do Onibus.. a galera da URBS ta se atualizando ja.. hehehehe – by maykoncoelho (Maykon Coelho)

@marisa_bell y q paso con los derrumbes en las minitas?? Dond ha estado blyde? Porq en nstras urbs, es 1alcalde ejemplar,pero y el pueblo?? – by paulitacarreno (Paula Carreño)

こう言わないとそれっぽくならないww RT @sabakozo: 初めて歌詞がわかった(謎 QT あっぷあっぱっぺんだうでぃほうるだう〜 RT @sabakozo: ♪ TOKYO通信〜Urbs Communication〜 – SOUL'd OUT ♪ – by taka_hiro4785 (タカ)

@murbancsn Urbs, some of the anger I hear is for the Giants for not matching tho Huff signed for more $ w/ somewhat similar stats. Thoughts? – by derickpunzalan (Derick Punzalan)

@MUrbanCSN I'm with you, Urbs. We win a WS & it's not even a month that we're doing the Seinfeldesque booing of a bad shirt. #SFGiantsby LNSmithee (L.N. Smithee)

Sin servicio de SUPERCABLE: Urbs. Bello Monte Chaguaramos Valle Coche San Martín El Paraíso Pinar Montalbán Caricuao Terrazas del Avila. – by franksbs (Franklin Sánchez)

playing the urbs not a care in the world – by DaniMichelle14 (Dani Michelle)

Post Up at Horto in Urbs: Just Say No to Eating Animals Monday, Volume 4: Yes, Soup for You! http://ow.ly/3he55by chicagoduilaw (Ava George Stewart)

@MUrbanCSN Thnx Urbs! You're the first one I go to for rational solutions…and we know you're ALWAYS right! :)by meshellerichi (meshelle)

@MUrbanCSN Urbs, if they sign #Tejada I want that killer old A's ad campaign redone with those drummers: TEJADA! – by jasonrick (JasonRicketts)

aaaaaaaaaaaah meu perdi meu cartão da urbs =S – by Talithenha (Tali)

Once again, Urbs makes it all better :) RT @MUrbanCSN The perfect replacements for Uribe and Renteria: http://tinyurl.com/23qlsjg #SFGiantsby nani119 (Natalie)

O cara no tubo " sai cedo, para chega mais cedo em casa e chego no mesmo horário" viu URBS nao sou o único que te odeia! kkkk – by guiiipaes (Guilherme Paes)

“@guiiipaes: Só para costa que : URBS te odeio! Bota mais Inter2 nessa porra!” costa foi ótima! kkkk *consta!!!!! – by guiiipaes (Guilherme Paes)

Só para costa que : URBS te odeio! Bota mais Inter2 nessa porra! – by guiiipaes (Guilherme Paes)

Dois ônibus estragados numa distancia de 200m!! Urbs e empresas de ônibus tomem vergonha na cara. – by eLviss_a (eLvis André)

Graças a tal da maldita Burocracia enriqueci a URBS horrores hj ¬¬' – by fr116 (Francine Ferreira)

Yawn! Stretch!
urbs.me is coming out of a deep sleep and we're working on some new features and cities! Stay tuned… http://fb.me/IU4gJ5rlby urbsme (urbs.me)

@Nat_Walesko Lhones, os profs de urbs de colocaram pra exame – by Pah_ (Paula Polga)

Eu, nesta condição de fraturada, deveria ter atendimento prioritário aqui na URBS, néam? – by AlineMattar (Aline Mattar)

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