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Old Sacramento and Teetering Wells Fargo

Min & Nadia @ WellsFargo

WellsFargo Stock Certificate Panels by Phil Manker

Wellsfargo Wachovia bank merger message

consumer banking @WellsFargo =ok; commercial banking @WellsFargo =DISMAL. Miserable handling of our old Wachovia acct!! – by CrestCapital (Crest Capital)

Teller – Wells Fargo – Appleton, WI: Job Title:


Requisition Number:


Schedule Type:

Reg… http://bit.ly/h2i8fDby madisonjobsx (Madison Jobs)

Teller job at Wells Fargo – Appleton, WI http://bit.ly/esIdM5 #Indeed #jobsby JuanSrchAllJobs (Juan)

Teller job at Wells Fargo – West Point, NE http://bit.ly/f15kZr #Indeed #jobsby JuanSrchAllJobs (Juan)

Loan Doc Specialist 2 job at Wells Fargo – Hoffman Estates, IL http://bit.ly/fp9JUh #Indeed #jobsby JuanSrchAllJobs (Juan)

YO @wellsfargo IT DOESNT TAKE 2 DAYS TO DEPOSIT INTO MY BANK ACCOUNT WHEN I WENT IN SATURDAY MORNING #shameful #badbusinessby eskimowil (William Alexander)

Teller – 28 Hours – Churchhill Store job at Wells Fargo – McLean, VA http://bit.ly/evYqOj #Indeed #jobsby JuanSrchAllJobs (Juan)

@_roseeMiA at a call center for wellsfargo credit card customer service… and yeahh lol – by FuknLalo (Lalo Palomino)

Lending Manager 2 job at Wells Fargo – Phoenix, AZ http://bit.ly/hT1Ymv #Indeed #jobsby JuanSrchAllJobs (Juan)

@Tk7seriesBemr When was this?I wasn't in wellsfargo bro – by DameyMusic_tpk (Damien )

Wow WellsFargo really knows how to stick it to a terminally ill person. My dad now owes a monthly fee. – by ericdblackburn (Eric Blackburn)

Teller – 20 hrs/wk – Wells Fargo – Meridian, ID http://bit.ly/guTDYtby boisejob (Boise Jobs)

I call BULL SH*T on Michael DeVito statement that "@wellsfargo does all it can to help borrowers"@nprnews: http://t.co/PwzUgdM #foreclosureby mkperks (mkperks)

Man & Puppy @ WellsFargo

www.WellsFargo.com/WellsTrade – Wells Trade Trading Account http://smugbox.com/2z6by Smugbox (Smugbox)

My rapid-fire online Christmas shopping today made @WellsFargo call and ask if was me using my debit card. Thanks, and sorry to scare you. – by chadm (Chad Martin)

@wellsfargo: how would one talk to someone higher up or someone in the HOUR department? – by tapthatmom (TaptThatMom)

@WellsFargo updated thier mobile banking app and it's sweet! – by SCENEMN (SCENEMN)

WellsFargo acct.#8783419685. Cannot repay. Please help. Don't let me down. Yes, I am a begging American, no choice. ( federalpass@att.net) – by Billspages (Bill Pages)

WellsFargo gon have to see me giving me a limit on how much I can spend in a day!!! – by Re_Diddy ( Re)

RT @WhiteTieEnt: It's my advice to anyone to avoid #wellsfargo at all cost. They're are a terrible company with no customer service. Please feel free to RT – by duffbluff (Dustin Butterworth)

RT @meganallison: Notice from #WellsFargo: my APR isn't tied to the prime rate anymore! It's flat 21%. Fuck you, dickweeds. See if I use that card again. – by duffbluff (Dustin Butterworth)

RT @trackzero: dear @wellsfargo: I'm changing my terms of service. You now owe me 14 bucks a month to keep me as a customer. – by duffbluff (Dustin Butterworth)

RT @ShelleyBelleGA: Got a computer generated nasty gram from @WellsFargo telling me to fix an error THEY caused. #nocustomerserviceskillsby duffbluff (Dustin Butterworth)

RT @justinrmoore: @wellsfargo your customer service sucks. That's why I've been moving all of my money to @bankofamerica. Good service = $ $ . Bad Service = -$ $ – by duffbluff (Dustin Butterworth)

RT @4ChristinaRenee: #Wachovia has and will always be better than #WellsFargo … WF customer service sucks. #ThatsJustHowIFeelby duffbluff (Dustin Butterworth)

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