Who are YOU?

who is WHO…Toffa

Who are you?

Who are these kids?

who is that girl?

Who are you?

Who is this 'Big One' and why does she get to have @Mr_Grimshaw ride her? #lifesnotfair #signaidengrimshawby loltastico (Edel)

Miss Berta asked me who is the better presenter: Fearne Cotton or Robert Kilroy-Silk? "Why have Cotton when you can have Silk?", I said. – by Mrs_Overall (Boadicea Overall)

Who is everybody's all time favourite Sunderland player? – by BlackCatFacts (BlackCatFacts)

@chriscollatband what a has tag LOL RT jahkno: Who Is Still Up To See The Eclipse? TeamStayUp4TheEclipse http://hcjj.ugo.si/EUgTMby marzodt (queen mckee)

then my nephew who is 5 turne dup , so had a mad house for 30 mins *pic to come shortly* – by MadManMockery (Chris Ellingham)

@ShopDandy hey girl… Who is that dark haired girl in ur holiday blog pic? Her skin is flawless!!! I need her skin care tips! – by silvie1999 (SRP)

"Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."- John 8:7 (I think). #thatisallby PatK_ (Patricia)

Who is John Galt? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0480239/by J__K_ (Jaskirat Singh Bawa)

RT @AiishaT: Who is troubling my Dove Now @LotaIgwe .. Should I Organise Boys ? :)by Getmeofftweeter (Tiwa Dosumu)

Girls who is premium 2weave are essentially wasting there money. – by fashionfun264 (Fashion hater )

LOL. Jitao lol @ some immature guy who is 19 yet act like 13?! c'mon, get your fucking fact right, i didn't offend till you. – by Nostalgiamemoir (Khelin )

@MsTrinaAquarian Now you know you have to make sure the birthday babies are safe tonite but then again who is going watch over you? :)by RafiqtheEmcee (Rafiq Mateen)

@jolynling You jialat la you! Date caucasian… AND WHO IS THE ONE THAT FORGOT MY NUMBER!!! – by micdouyou (michelle mak)

Who is Hubert?

Who is this?
@daphnegoonsl who is her? :p – by steve_sui (Steve Sui)

Find Out Who is Not Following You Back on Twitter. http://tinyurl.com/unffndby Vrmariano (Vitor Ressude)

@epitashle who is who's brother? – by stefanhimmler (Stefan Himmler)

RT @Emine61: Now they are talking about who is beautifull and who is not. I think that everyone is beautifull but it's important to have a good heart… – by Emineechan (Emine Ata)

Is it appropriate to buy a prego girl makeup for a present.? iMean who is she getting dolled up for.? iDk might buy a shirt. Ugh – by _tinyStarr (Niqua ♥)

@Genteel1 Who is that? – by Unplshd_Diamond (octavia gahagans)

my prince charming laahh..RT @andreaamell: I'm not start alda,i'm just asking you,who is he?? RT @aldaesmeralda: … http://tmi.me/4tQkJby aldaesmeralda (alda esmeralda)

@DavePoff _brandymarie_ TheoMaasSomeren drikadrij RT COOLRUNNINGENT Who is the worst Dj's of 2010??? < LOL http://hcjj.ugo.si/E2x8bby BelozlynDragon (lavera delaney)

The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to take some risks – by LaurenMuchko (Lauren Muchko)

RT @ClaireSilverman: @MRDALE1 @MeLLiYahKnO @vachica88 go fuck a sheep james…hahahaha who is james? Claire bear? Baby is confused – by vachica88 (U already kno )

RT @EliteProNV: Imitation is often the best form of flattery, but communicate with the person who is inspiring you. Give credit, thats how careers are made. – by micah32mitchell (Micah Mitchell)

Soooo… Who is surprising me with a gift this Christmas? bebe, Saks, or Zgallerie gift certificates. See how easy I made it? You're welcome – by keibenet (Jet Li of Flatirons)

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