Working away on a winter morning

Father and son surf lesson in Morro Bay, CA 11 of 12

to dare


Scheiß ümlaute

Word of the day: stertorously adv – With heavy breathing, as if snoring; in a stertorous manner. http://ow.ly/1ax5emby wiktionaryWOTD (Word of the day)

@glebe2037 ur scaring me with use of word 'lulz'. Means http://bit.ly/mqBux RT @glebe2037: I love it when she deliberately goes for lulz :-)by taletale (Simon)

@Lachrymatoren4G http://de.wiktionary.org/wiki/kurwa Jeder Übersetzer Missachtet dein Wissen =( – by NOCHMEHRSW4G (. ;D)

.@tall_zelkova ウィクショナリーにも「妛」のエントリーがありました. http://bit.ly/yamaichionnaby kanaya (Ichi Kanaya)

[ja.wikt Newpages] アスタリスク http://bit.ly/gFWGrXby ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

モンハン。@offfffsetのハンターネーム「おふふ」のことを「おそそ」って聞き覚えのある言葉の響きだけで、適当に呼んだりしたけど、こんな意味だったよ http://bit.ly/fLedNFby calbone3 (イシジマ)

[ja.wikt Newpages] リレーション http://bit.ly/gpfK9Jby ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

[ja.wikt Newpages] nhân cách http://bit.ly/gMrVAeby ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

[ja.wikt Newpages] 인격 http://bit.ly/hPf3HZby ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

[ja.wikt Newpages] リレーションシップ http://bit.ly/hwra1Fby ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

Apparently, its nothing to do with transatlantic communication, but the popularity of Monopoly… http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/jailby beseku (Ben Sekulowicz)

@theguyfromTV בתקופת הנביאים לא האמינו בהגיון ובשורשיות של מילים http://he.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D7%AA%D7%95%D7%90%D7%A0%D7%94by raselsell (rasel dickshtien)

[ja.wikt Newpages] 人性 http://bit.ly/hH7wfpby ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

Definition : Given freely; unearned; Without reason; unjustified en.wiktionary.org/wiki/gratuitous

Vovô quarando
[ja.wikt Newpages] 人生 http://bit.ly/huq3UMby ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

[ja.wikt Newpages] nhân sinh http://bit.ly/igmZRDby ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

[ja.wikt Newpages] 인생 http://bit.ly/iaQgRNby ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E6%84%8F%E5%91%B3 ねぇなんで例文がマスをかくなの??wwwwby kk_pique (きょn)

[ja.wikt Newpages] 人群 http://bit.ly/gb9e7rby ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

[ja.wikt Newpages] かんげいかい http://bit.ly/grHuQKby ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

[ja.wikt Newpages] 人士 http://bit.ly/gkvHw0by ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

[ja.wikt Newpages] 人身 http://bit.ly/g9ke2Hby ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

[ja.wikt Newpages] 인신 http://bit.ly/eDsuxYby ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

[ja.wikt Newpages] 人體 http://bit.ly/eP5b80by ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

[ja.wikt Newpages] 인체 http://bit.ly/f5OwPmby ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

[ja.wikt Newpages] 人心 http://bit.ly/eWchZ4by ja_wm_newpages (ja_wm_newpages)

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