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blog: Five-0 fashions, Ke Kinohi preview, Alex gets Double Stuffed, and "Hawaiian eye" http://wp.me/p1bjys-cd #H50by H50undercover (Officer 808)

Reek Da Villian & Joell Ortiz Shade 45 Freestyle: http://wp.me/pzXrp-oQrby ElliottWilson (Elliott Wilson)

GOP buck military 2 times in 1 week. And w/DADT get on wrong side of history/Mullen urges Senate to ratify arms treaty http://t.co/11bbzF0by KatrinaNation (Katrina vandenHeuvel)

Manila Times Albay launches bells, bottles warning system: http://wp.me/pW4qZ-s4by zalds205 (Zaldy Santillan)

RT @ivan_scarpelli: no blog, encanações e esquecimentos causados pelo amor e pelo sexo: http://wp.me/pDc5a-y7by carol_braga_ (Carol)

Where's the 4 Leafed One?: http://wp.me/pvO4h-wTby imzachg (Stuart Cowabunga)

RT @matheu_s2mengao: Ronaldinho Gaúcho fecha contrato de 3 anos com o Cruzeiro – http://bit.ly/abQCyyby Thalha (Thalhá)

Sound Of Silence: http://wp.me/pXRAx-e0by joaocaixinha (Joao Caixinha)

Busy holiday week: http://wp.me/pHfMW-6tby Hanpa_etc (Hanpa_etc)

RT @JuniorSemNocao: Ronaldinho Gaúcho Acaba de MORRER. (Via Globo.com) http://bit.ly/hZ2S59by Evelynneon2 (Evelyn )

RT @kgustafson: My 25 favorite concerts of 2010: http://wp.me/p1eor7-BN Featuring Spoon, Underworld, Pavement, LCD, @930ClubDC @blackcatdc & many more – by BrettGellman (Brett)

update: http://wp.me/pfZN8-bPby joebrownleer (Joe Brown Leer)

RT @JuniorSemNocao Ronaldinho Gaúcho Acaba de MORRER. (Via Globo.com) http://bit.ly/hZ2S59by naiveorleans (ISA ! )

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[PICS] Ga-in for CASIO (1p): http://wp.me/p1fAuB-1Jby onlyBEG (only for BEG)

http://www.naosalvo.com.br/vc/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/pefedido1.jpg – What? haha – by vivianearauj (viv!)

RT @Joao_JHeGR: O craque Ronaldinho Gaúcho é do cruzeiro http://bit.ly/abQCyyby guivalim (Guilherme Valim)

Lembra as gostosas europeias? Twitcam delas: http://wp.me/p1ePGc-5m Twitcam no Nerd Humorista – by nerdhumorista (Nerd Humorista)

RT @atheonews: Hidden Histories – Book Review: http://wp.me/pIUmC-4WM http://is.gd/jaDBkby ABooksBlog (A Books Blog)

Pretty cool promotion stunt, iPhone made of 56 iPads: http://mobileorchard.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/biggest-iphone.jpgby mbouterse (Marco Bouterse)

http://www.fooducate.com/blog/wp-content/media/cheetos-girl-in-bath.jpg o-o' – by misttake (Joãão )

Thought for today – 12/21/2010: http://wp.me/p49CC-dHby thepathoflife (Frank Coleman)

http://bit.ly/gimlsaby adamsrotors (adam | adam’s rotors)

Legal o formulário! http://www.naosalvo.com.br/vc/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/formularionerd.jpgby valdetarosilva (Joao Henrique)

A Dancer and a Cheerleader in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona: http://wp.me/pAwll-zQby lloydzeffler (Zane Ewton)

Is #WikiLeaks a "Legitimate" #NGO? http://wp.me/pUlJj-yz [Business Ethics Blog] – by ethicsblogger (Chris MacDonald)

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